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Our Fan Art Contest Winners!

The results are in!

Here’s the 5 winners of our Fan Art Contest that took place in conjunction with our Kickstarter campaign!

The first place goes to Rekka B that will be receiving a beautiful art Canvas made by our artist Monaka. Congratulation Rekka B!

Rekka B along with Eric Angelillo, Vusc, Emma Tolley and Ian Snyder will be featured in The Girl and the Robot Art Book!

Thank you to all 16 participants for entering, we could tell that every entry was made with love :D

Rekka B – 1st place

04 - GnR Art Contest - Rekka B

Eric Angelillo – 2nd place

14 - GnR Art Contest - Eric Angelillo

Vusc – 3rd place

16 - GnR Art Contest - Vusc

Emma Tolley – 4th place

05 - GnR Art Contest - Emma Tolley

Ian Snyder – 5th place

13 - GnR Art Contest - Ian Snyder

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