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Our Item Shop is now open!

For all of you great people who still want to help us after our Kickstarter and get some cool items at the same time, we just opened our Item Shop on Redbubble! Enjoy!


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A game designer that likes action/adventure games and that lives in Montreal.


  1. Vince

    Will you guys eventually put up the art book from the Kickstarter backer pledge tiers… somehow? I was broke during the funding drive, but bought into the Humble Store Alpha to support you guys. That’s cool, but I would really LOVE to get the chance to get even the PDF of the art book later on too though – I’d gladly toss some serious cash your way for that! The art in this game is lovely. So’s the music. And these items are great, but I kinda want the whole thing instead of just buying prints one-at-a-time, yeah? I’m greedy like that :P

    • Hello Vince. Yes aside from the prints, we are planing to offer the Art Book and the Soundtrack in some way after the release of the game. More on that later :)

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