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All Fan Art Contest Entries!

Hello everyone!

It is our pleasure to introduce to you all of the entries from our Fan Art Contest that took place in conjunction with our kickstarter campaign. We want to give a big thank you to all of you that participated; your commitment to The Girl and the Robot inspires us create an awesome game.

Check out our next post where we will reveal the 5 best arts chosen by members of our development team!

Tim Dawson

01 -GnR Art Contest - Tim Dawson

Jyong-Chu Gao

02 -GnR Art Contest - Jyong-Chu Gao

Kenneth Katwaru

03 -GnR Art Contest - Kenneth Katwaru

Rekka B

04 - GnR Art Contest - Rekka B

Emma Tolley

05 - GnR Art Contest - Emma Tolley


06 - GnR Art Contest - Boruta

Diane Bellavance

07 - GnR Art Contest - Diane Bellavance

Harrison Brown

08 - GnR Art Contest - Harrison Brown

André Pequeno

09 - GnR Art Contest - Andre Pequeno

Roll Cabbage Jirou

10 - GnR Art Contest - Roll Cabage Jirou


11 - GnR Art Contest - Yuki

Hayley Swann

Girl and Robot

Ian Snyder

13 - GnR Art Contest - Ian Snyder

Eric Angelillo

14 - GnR Art Contest - Eric Angelillo

Brandon Morris

15 - GnR Art Contest - Brandon Morris


16 - GnR Art Contest - Vusc


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