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New character revealed: The Queen

Today we received an email from Monaka with some silhouettes for a new character: The Queen.

We don’t want to reveal too much of her identity at this point, but we can say that she is like a reflection of the Mad Queen. If the Mad Queen is the embodiment of evil, then this queen is the embodiment of good and fairness.


Usually when we create a new character, we draw silhouettes like this first to decide on the right shape; we then draw more detailed concept afterward. We would love to know your favorites in the comments!

Ah and also, don’t miss out on our Kickstarter campaign in case you didn’t know.


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  1. Joey

    Honestly, I think 1E looks like the best combination of the two. A more realistic shape than some of the others who are too thin in my opinion, and the cutest face XD

  2. James Fannon / "Louiejub"

    1A or 1B look the best to me. Game looks very nice so far; looking forward to seeing more from it. ;)

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