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More of Castletown’s level art

Sometimes I wish I could clone myself; either that or stop time, anything that would let me learn a new field of expertise without any consequences.
For the Girl and the Robot, I didn’t mean to start doing the level art; I just had to do it because of the limited resources that we have. It turns out that I like doing it, a lot. And I want to get better at it.

So today, I want to show you more screenshot of Castletown. It took me quite some time not only design the level but also to model and texture it. I hope it is to your liking!

PS: Thank you also to my team for helping on the various props and Monaka that made the color palette and paintings!


  1. Beria

    I like so much this color palette, brings to me a charming place that remembers a fairytale or something like that. Keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job!

    By the way, nice picture on the wall ;)

  2. Zach K

    Looking great so far! I would, however, love to see some more green. It’s very yellow right now, and the shots with plants add some nice contrast and look very pretty. Maybe ivy on the walls, or just more plant life? If that fits your vision, of course, but you’re doing a great job so far. Can’t wait for the game!

  3. Lobster

    I agree with Zach. It’s very pretty and I’m loving the art style, but the color is a bit samey. Ivy, potted plants, etc. would really bring some extra life and vibrancy into the area. It would break up the yellows a bit and add some interesting visuals.

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