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Press Release: The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game is coming to Kickstarter October 24th

We are happy to announce that we will launch a card game variation of our video game The Girl and the Robot on Kickstarter October 24th 2019.

The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game is a Russian roulette inspired strategic card game that involves protecting yourself and your teammate in the award winning video game setting of The Girl and the Robot.

The game features:

  • A unique blend of cooperative and competitive gameplay
  • Easy to learn and hard to master
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Age 10 and Up
  • 30-45 minutes of play time

You can get notified as soon as the Kickstarter goes live by going to the Pre-Launch page here:

Here are some other useful links:
Official page:
Board Game Geek Page:
Press Kit:

You can contact us for a review copy at info[at] (replace [at] by @)


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