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The Girl and the Robot – Introducing the Maze in all its glory

Happy new year everyone! During the holidays, I finally got the chance to finish the maze level.  The level is supposed to leave the player feeling lost at first. But unlike mazes in other games, the player can position either the girl or the robot on high ground and get a better view of the area. By using both characters effectively and by been careful for enemies, I believe any player can come out of it (maybe).
Thank you Monaka for making me a color palette and Nicolas for the quick concepts.


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  2. Josh

    I’ve been a proud follower of this game and one of the people to help fund it, and I’m proud to see the progress you’ve made in the game over this time! I’ve had faith you would work hard on it and release it only when it’s done, even if that meant you didn’t have time for many updates. You stuck to it, and it shows. That’s more than a lot of Kickstarters can say (*grumble* Unsung Story *grumble*). Congrats on getting to the homestretch! I’m sure we’ll all be more than happy with the final product. :)

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