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Eiko finishes The Robot’s Theme!

Hello fine people!
Today Eiko just finished another brilliant piece for our game: The Robot’s Theme (working title). This song is suppose to reflect the pure strength and courage of the Robot. Look forward to the complete version later in the official sound track!

GnR - Screenshot013


  1. Mock Turtle

    Okay, well that as an abrupt endi– and then he died!

    Where was the end of that song? It’s just… stopped. I expected a fade-out or something. Still, it was beautiful!

    • We are glad you like it Mock Turtle. It stops abruptly because it’s just a sample. Please look forward to the complete version in the Official Sound Track.

  2. Ericius11

    Very exciting music. It definitely gets your heart pumping. I look forward to hearing the complete version!

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