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A Study of The Girl and the Robot Architecture (Part 1)

Happy new year everyone!

For the first post of the new year, I wanted to introduce the french artist Nicolas Amoroso. Soon after our successful Kickstarter, Nicolas loved our game and offered to help for a short while with the concept and architecture of our castle.

Since Nicolas specialty is landscape, he can help us with the architecture of the remaining areas (the castle town, the royal quarters and the maze). Right now, he is working on the castle town. Enjoy his sketches and feel free to comment!

Oh and one last thing, we will be presenting our game at Demo Night of IGDA Montreal January 28; make sure to check us out if you are around the area!

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  1. Wei

    I like these architecture sketches, if you can make all the details in game it is gonna be super good!

  2. Wei

    I like these architecture sketches, classic!
    It is going to be super good if you put all the detail in game, but might be a lots of effort.

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