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Monaka-san did it again, Promo Art 2!

I usually have an indescribable good feeling when I get an email from Monaka with an attachment. This is the 2nd promotional art, showing the all the evil in the game. Thank you Monaka, you are the best!


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A game designer that likes action/adventure games and that lives in Montreal.


  1. Hi Salim,

    This looks real good. I can see what you two were going for.

    This is just my humble suggestion but I think you should pull the “camera” in closer towards the evil Queen figure so that the Knights and the Queen are not competing for the viewer’s attention.

    If you pull the view closer, such that the Knights’ helmets are bordering around the edge of the image, it will give a much more menacing and chilly feeling.

    Great work nonetheless.

    – Kevin

  2. Hey this is looking nice so far. There were a couple of things I feel could add to this piece. One would be reflecting more of the queens purple in the robots to merge the composition a bit more. For example I see you have some orange on the tips of the spears acting as rim light I’d be curious to see how purple would look as well ,more pronounced. Another thing is with the fire you have a feel that is almost more realistic then painterly as well as the background. I think it would be neat to see more of that hand painted style for those elements as well. Overall it looks sweet I can’t wait to see more and to play it.

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