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She can walk !


Today I’m very happy to introduce the work of our animator François Gilbert. François and I used to work together before (in another life) and so I know his work is of the highest quality. Please check out his most recent demo reel HERE.

Ok, so this week we are showing the first basic movement animations of the girl. The feel of the controls is probably the most important element in a game in my opinion since it’s the primary way of interaction for the player. That’s why François and I put a great deal of care and love in the movement system; the walk state alone has 12 animations with up to 4 animations blending at a time. The system itself is something I didn’t really see in other games, so I might do a technical diary video later to explain it (if anyone is interested).

Also, there is good stuff coming:
– Monaka is working on the first promo art.
– Peet is finishing up the robot model.
– We found our music composer! More info soon!

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  1. Sophie

    I am not a game player but I have to admit that I really want to try tis game! It looks amazing. I love the blue saphir necklace on the gold statute;)

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