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Camera Tour Level 1 Final

Happy new year everyone, all the best to you and thank you for your support! I’m hoping that 2013 will be the year that The Girl and the Robot gets more attention from the public.

I decided to worked a little bit over the holidays on adding details to the first level. My main skill is game design but I try to improve my new found architectural and hand-painted art skill everyday. Here is a video showing the latest shots of the first level. I enjoy doing this very much, I believe it will pay off in the design that the one doing the level design is the same person that does the level art. However, I noticed that doing art stuff is taking me quite a bit of my time, maybe I’ll ask Peet to help me with some props if he has the time… Anyway, the robot concept art from Monaka and the girl animations are coming soon!

The Girl and the Robot - Camera Tour Level 1 Final

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