The Rules

Each player selects a Character card, or gets one at random.

All Characters

The team’s structure differs depending on the number of players:

  • 2 players: The Girl VS the Evil Queen
  • 3 players: The Girl and the Robot VS the Evil Queen
  • 4 players: The Girl and the Robot VS the Evil Queen and the Shadow Robot

Each Character card has 2 sides that indicate whether they are Alone or in a Team. If you play with an ally, flip your Character card to its Team side; otherwise, flip it to its Alone side.

Allies play next to each other. They can talk and show their cards to each other during the game.

Every player starts with 1 Basic Sword card to be placed next to their character, remove all extra Basic Swords from the game.

Remove the 4 Demon cards from the Deck, shuffle the Deck and deal 5 cards to each player. Put the Demon cards back into the Deck and reshuffle the deck. Turn the deck face down to create the Draw Pile.

The Girl starts and chooses the turn order (clockwise or counter-clockwise). Note that if you play with more than 2 players, you may place the Turn Order Reminder card anywhere on the table to help you remember the turn order.

During your turn

During your turn you can play any number of Action cards from your hand. Cards played this way are placed in a Discard Pile.

You can play any combination of Ability Points cards to activate any of your character’s abilities. Discard the Ability Points card(s) used after the effect of the ability resolves. Unused Ability Points are lost at the end of the turn.

You can play any number of Weapon cards by placing them on the table next to your character.

End your turn by drawing 1 card from the Draw Pile. You cannot play any cards after that.

If you draw a Demon

If you draw a Demon card, reveal it to everyone! You may use one of your Weapons on the table to defeat it. Discard the weapon in the discard pile and stay alive. However, if you have no Weapon on the table, you die.

Place back the Demon card face up anywhere in the Draw Pile in sight of the other players. You need to do this even if you died.

If your Ally dies at any point in the game, their cards are placed into the Discard Pile in any order. Flip your Character card to its Alone side.


Euro Variant

For a more social experience, play with this rule variant to mitigate the effect of player elimination. In other words, if one player dies they don’t have to wait alone, in the dark and surrounded by demons.
To play with the Euro Variant, include the following rules:

  • Allies share 1 life (if one ally dies, the other dies as well).
  • An ally can use the Weapons of their ally.