Friends in Montreal
Heroes Never Lose – An exciting series of games based on a new wave of super heroes!
Koop Mode – Makers of Skipping Stones!
Double Stallion – Makers of Big Action Mega Fight!
Tribute Games – Makers of Mercenary Kings!
Pixel and Poutine – Cool hipster game designer from Montreal!
Gamerwife – A useful source of information about games from a cool lady!

Friends in Japan
王の巣窟 – Maker of the megaman parody game Rokko Chan!
Edelweiss – Maker of the shooting game Ether Vapor!
Astro Port – Maker of the shooting game Satazius!
Hikware – Maker of the shooting game Warning Forever!
NYDGamer – Japanese indie video game news blogger!
Studio Rice Cake – Maker of 萃香と百鬼兵!
voidProc – Maker of LaserReimu!
day-to-day managaement – Maker of Mission to Depths!

Friends in other places
Yacht Club Games – Makers of Shovel Knight!
Magical Time Bean – Makers of Escape Goat!
EroBotan’s Diary – Maker of Princess’ Edge!