Level Artist

Level Artist

Hi! We’re looking for a professional Level artist to help us with our new game Hiboka. The game is a third person survival horror game base on Malagasy folklore and set around the middle of the last century. We are aiming for a horrific yet beautiful setting done with a pseudo-realistic / hand-painted style to give it a pleasing look.

We are looking for someone that can model and texture level props and items.

Job Description:

  • Model and add pseudo-realistic / hand-painted texture to items, props and possibly grey boxes of existing levels.
  • Keep the level’s poly count optimal to ensure a high frame rate in game.
  • Ensure that a consistent art style is maintained across the game.
  • This is a paid part-time freelance position. Work would be done remotely.


  • You are comfortable with a 3D modelling software (Blender is preferred but not required).
  • You are comfortable making hand-painted textures (you can look at our press kits for an idea of the style).
  • You are comfortable modelling classic architecture, organic figures like statues and various vegetation.
  • The job will require to sometime create asset from Madagascar with reference pictures such as statues, artifacts, tools, etc.
  • You have good taste when combining colours together.
  • You released 1 game in the past and/or you can produce 1 recommendation from a peer either on your LinkedIn profile or as a recommendation letter from a recent project.
  • You are willing to follow our studio technical guidelines when producing assets.
  • You are willing to work remotely and meet at least once a week in person or over voice chat to share feedback.
  • You are willing to take criticism and work with the team if changes need to be made.
  • You are committed to produce assets regularly until the end of the project.
  • You are professional and you deliver on deadlines.

Bonus Points:

  • You like horror games.
  • You like classic architecture and African art.
  • You have a bit of experience using Unity.
  • You know a little bit about us.

Who are we?

Flying Carpets Games is an independent video game studio founded in Montreal on July 2012. We released a first action-adventure game called The Girl and the Robot on the PS4, Wii U and Steam, and now we are working on a second game. We are very passionate about the craft of making game and we are looking for people with the same passion.
Website: https://flyingcarpetsgames.com/

The horror game we’re now working on is called Hiboka; you can check out the initial pitch and other assets in our press kit!
If you have a windows PC, you can also check our latest build here.

If you are interested and want to hear more about our project, please send me a link to your portfolio to:
Salim at info[at]flyingcarpetsgames.com (replace [at] by @)

Also, please understand that due to the number of applications, we might not always reply back.