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A look into our new project: Hiboka

As we enter the last months of 2021, I feel ready to not only talk but also show more of the project I’ve worked on during the pandemic along with my amazing teammates.

Hiboka is a third person horror game taking place in 1942 Madagascar. However it is not just a horror game; it’s rather a tell of grief, love and deception set in a horrific setting based on the darker myths and folklore of Madagascar.

Hiboka feels like a more personal project because of my connection to the country, but also because the game is build with the knowledge and hardship accumulated from The Girl and the Robot. With this project I’ve decided to enjoy the process. So far, I’ve enjoyed doing things like collecting direct testimonies from my mother and friends, and by hunting down rare old books on the subject. And from the technical side, updating the code from The Girl and the Robot has brought it’s own set of interesting challenges.

I’ve put together footage of what the game looks like now for MEGA-MIGS this November, please enjoy and I hope you look forward to what is coming!