Flying Carpets is an independent video game studio founded in Montreal on July 2012. Our mission is to make the games that we want to play first, with unique and original designs that can inspire players. Our work is founded on passion, love and gratification.


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Flying Carpets is now working on their first game The Girl and the Robot; an action adventure game set in a fairy tale world.

Robot Action 1 Small


Salim Larochelle (game designer)
A passionate designer that has been making games since his teenage years. In 2012, he left his work at a major game company in order to create games by his own methods. Salim lived in Japan as a young adult and also hold a master degree in information technology. He strongly believes that the process of making games should be fun and gratifying in order for a game to truly be successful.
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Monaka (2d artist)
A kind and talented 2d Artist making her debut in the game industry. Her unique Japanese art style has an extraordinary appeal that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world.
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Peet Lee (3d artist)
A 3d artist with amazing modeling and texturing skills. Peet has been involved with numerous game projects and is very aware of the technical limitations when creating his art.
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Eiko Ishiwata (music composer)
A very talented music composer with significant experience in the game industry. She specializes in recording acoustic instrumentation by utilizing her multi-instrumentalist and engineering skills.
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Olga Urbanowicz (2d/3d artist)
A unique artist that can easily adapt and create beautiful 2d and 3d art. Her goal is to study and practice in many fields of art and be able to create works that breathe ultimate beauty.
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Nicolas Amoroso (level concept artist)
A talented artist making his debut in the game industry. Nicolas skill with the pen are truly amazing and his passion for games motivates him even more.

Hafid Feghouli (sound designer)
A sound designer that is extremely passionate about games and that takes audio in games very seriously. Hafid used to be a nurse in a past life, so he is also good at communication and team work.
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Emma Smith (environment artist)
A very talented and versatile environment artist with full of potential. Emma was credited in the hit indie game “Gone Home”.
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