Monthly Archives: July 2012

More of the first level: transit tower

Hello! First of all, welcome to my new company website; I spend last night re-posting all the posts from my previous site. Usually, I spend one day working on the business side of my new company, and the next day working on my game. So far, I love every [...]
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More switch mechanisms

[Originally posted June 30 2012] Hey guys! This week I did a little bit of scripting by refining the lever switch. From the lever switch, we can now trigger the animation of multiple interactive objects and even set a delay between each of them. I also [...]
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Adding details to the beginning of the first level

[Originally posted june 17 2012] Hello! I’m now working on this game full-time :D So expect much more stuff regularly! This week, I decided to take the artist hat again and add details to the beginning of the first level. The game starts off with the main [...]
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